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47 Million Souls


In South America


Constitutional Republic

62.9% Roman Catholic

18.9% Irreligious

15.3% Evangelicalism

1.4% Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormon

1.2% Other

0.3% Unknown

Argentina is a country located in South America. Sharing its borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. Argentines are a fusion of diverse national and ethnic groups. Descendants of Italian and Spanish immigrants predominant. With a mainland area of 1,073,500 sq mi, Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world and the largest Spanish-speaking nation. The sovereign state is subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, which is the federal capital of the nation.


- Argentine Peso -
Exchange 1 Dollar for over 1000 Pesos. Inflation is over 150%

A Country Ripe For The Harvest

I believe Argentina is ready to be reached right now. There is not a better time to get the truth out but the door is closing. Every year the Argentine people are just a little more closed to the things of God. Right now, because of the predominant catholic background in the country, you just need to explain the truth so that they can understand. Now is the time to get the truth to them. I long to reach the Argentines for Christ as fast as possible.  


The City God Called Us To

Posadas is the city I started praying for years ago and as time goes on God's calling to that place becomes clear and clear. We only know of three Baptist Churches in that region of the country. There is a tremendous need to get the truth of Jesus Christ to these people. Posadas is in a central location in South America being within 250 miles of 3 counties and having 78 million people within a 600-mile radius.

- Posadas Misiones -

Posadas is a city in northeast Argentina, beside the River Paraná, which marks the border with Paraguay. It is the capital city of the Argentine province of Misiones. The city has an area of  373 sq mi and a population of over 359,609 according to a 2017 estimate. Posadas is the provincial center of the government, culture, and economy. Furniture, tobacco, food, textiles, and construction are its most important industries. Other important economic activities are commerce and services.

Posadas is connected to the Paraguayan city of Encarnación.



735,000 Souls

Time Zone

Action Plan

After completing deputation we will be moving to Posadas to start our first church plant. This is a big step of faith for us as we leave the comfort of our homes and families to go to a faraway place to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. But we know this is what God wants us to do and count it an honor to serve our Savior in this way. Please be in prayer for the Holy Spirits guidance and wisdom as we move forward. There are millions of Argentines that have never heard the Gospel and we desire for God to use our lives to reach them.


Upon arrival in Posadas Argentina, we will be going door to door every week, passing out gospel tracts, and looking for every opportunity to witness. Converts will be baptized and enrolled in a personal discipleship course.


As soon as we have a couple of converts, we will start a bible study. It's our desire to see the Souls God allows us to reach grow in Christ, so apart from the discipleship course, they will be encouraged to participate in a weekly bible study, to further their knowledge of God and get to know other Christians in the community. This bible study will be the foundation of the church plant.

Surveying The City

With abundant prayer for Gods guidance we will be surveying the city for the best locations for a church, bible college, school, camp, and addictions home. We also will be making connections with city officials, business owners, and locals to get their support for the church plant. After our first months in Posadas, and lots of prayer we will have a solid plan to reach this region with the gospel.

After Deputation

 Upon arrival back in Argentina, we will purchase property for Gods work in Posadas and amp up every means of evangelism possible. God has given me huge goals and I will give my life for his sake to see the Spanish world come to Christ. 

See The Church Grow
Purchase Ministry Property
Build Church Building

Reaching Argentina For Christ

It's our desire to see God use that local church in Posadas to reach the neighboring cities and eventually the entire country and neighboring countries with the gospel.

Please pray for us as we go forward for Christ.

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