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September 1974

Russell and Margaret George 

Arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A humble farmer from Nebraska got saved in his early twenties and a few years later surrendered to be a Missionary to Argentina. Russell and Margaret along with their 5 children arrived in Argentina in September of 1974. They started the work of church planting in a suburb of Buenos Aires and used Gospel tracts, Evangelistic films, and tent revivals to start a church in their home.  Eventually, they purchased a building for a church.  Russell started two additional churches in other suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  These churches still continue today.  Presently, Russell and Margaret are in Silva, Missouri where Russell goes weekly to the jail and ministers to inmates.  The Lord continues to use them, although they are now in their 80s.


May 1996

Brian George
Returns to Argentina

Brian George was nine years old when his parents went to Argentina as missionaries. He enjoyed serving the Lord with his family there and grew to love the Argentine people. In 1996, Brian returned to Argentina with his wife Liesl and firstborn son, Benjamin, to serve the Lord.  Liesl is also a missionary child.  Her father has been a missionary in Spain since 1982 and is still serving in Malaga, Spain.  Brian and Liesl moved to Tucuman, Argentina in 2003 to serve alongside Missionary Pastor Larry Owens and Missionary Simeon Hudson.  God is using them to reach the northwest of Argentina with the gospel.  These men are actively involved in church planting as they pursue a goal of starting 100 churches. 

Benjamin & Bernice George

Benjamin George is returning to Argentina!

Benjamin and Berenice grew up in Tucuman, Argentina, and studied at Beth-el Baptist Seminary. During these years, God molded and prepared them for His work and now has brought them together to serve Him.

They are preparing to take the gospel to Posadas, Argentina, and will be moving there in January of 2024. They would like to see God use them to start a church in Posadas and then train nationals to reach their people by starting churches all across Argentina.

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