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Hope For Argentina

Faith Cometh By Hearing - Romans 10:17
Russell George
Brian George
Benjamin George
1st Generation Missionary
1974 - 2010
2nd Generation Missionary
1996 - Present
3rd Generation Missionary
2020 - Present

Dear Pastor Friend,


  My name is Benjamin George. God has given me the great privilege of growing up in a missionary family. My grandpa, Russell George, served God 36 years as a missionary in Argentina. Then my dad, Brian George, followed his footsteps and has been serving in Argentina for the last 24 years. God has also called me to return to Argentina and minister in the city of Posadas, Misiones. I thank God for allowing me to grow up in a missionary family; because now I know 2 languages and 2 cultures. It was a lot of fun serving alongside my dad and learning many things in the ministry. Missionary work is what God had planned for me from my mother's womb, and I count it an honor and privilege.

God has been so good to bring Berenice into my life. She is from my dad’s church in Tucuman. Her family has been very active in our church since they came 12 years ago from Chile, South America. Berenice is very excited to be used by God to reach the Argentine people. Because she is Latin American, she would not need to learn a new culture or language. God has blessed us and now it's time that we take what He has given us and use it for His glory. We will be married in October of 2020.


After careful consideration and wise counsel, we believe it would be best for us to move to Posadas and live for a year immediately after getting married. During this time, we would go soul winning; start a bible study; and survey for a church plant. After that first year, we would return to the USA for deputation. 


To make this a reality, we need to raise enough money for living expenses, and purchase a vehicle. It will cost us approximately $12,000 for living expenses and another $16,000 to purchase a vehicle. Would you help make this a reality by giving $100 a month for 12 months, or by giving a one time gift of whatever amount God puts on your heart? Your contribution would go a long way in helping us get to the field by November 2020. 


After our first year on the field, we will return to the USA to raise the rest of our support; and would love to come to your church to share what He has done and our vision for the future. Your investment will go a long way for eternity's sake, and I can't wait to share more news with you!


To serve,

Benjamin George

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Sending Church

Marion Avenue Baptist Church

Pastor Joseph Brown

Address: 215 South Marion Avenue Washington Iowa, 52353


Phone: 855.825.4113



Hope For Argentina

Faith Cometh By Hearing - Romans 10:17
Benjamin & Berenice George
3rd Gen. Missionaries
Sending Church
Marion Avenue Baptist Church
Washington, IA - Pastor Joseph Brown 
Donations  -
Gospel Preaching - Church Planting - Safe Drinking Water
Prayer Requests:
Salvation for Argentina
Increased Faith
God's Provision
Missionaries to Posadas
Misiones, Argentina
Phone/WhatsApp +54 9 381.570.9255

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Ben & Bernice George
"We would love to keep in touch to share how God is working in Argentina."

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"Our ministry functions entirely on generous Christians like yourself.  Your donation will go a long way in helping get the Gospel out in Argentina!"
Ben & Bernice George
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